Sunday, November 26, 2017

three weeks in pc

Hard to believe that yesterday marked three full weeks of living in Park City, UT! Time sure has flown by. I have to admit, I had my first “sad” day—Thanksgiving. Fortunately, I wasn’t sad in the sense that I didn’t want to be here, just that I was missing my family. Thanksgiving has always been a fun holiday in our house (actually every holiday is fun at our house) and Thursday I was missing home, my parents house and simply, just a meal with my family. After a tearful conversation (or two…lol) with my dad, I felt much better. I had to remind myself that Thanksgiving is just one day and there will always be more. Also, how grateful I am to have such an amazing family to miss. Besides, it was my choice to be out here by myself. 

This past week I was reflecting back on a comment that a guy said to me in Starbucks a few weeks ago. He had overheard that I was new to Park City and wished me good luck and said, “The first year’s always the hardest.” At the time, I didn’t think much about it. Well, three weeks later I now understand what he meant. It is damn hard starting a brand new life. Back in my hometown, I was guaranteed to see at least one person I knew every time I left my house. Here, I walk around and don’t know a soul. Fortunately, PC is an area filled with a lot of newbies from out of state like myself but there is also a good majority of people who have lived here for their entire lives. People have established friendships, jobs, circles, etc. I am longing for group ski days and nights out on Main Street but have yet to find my kind of people. Like I said in a previous blog, I knew this was part of the gig. Loneliness is to be expected when starting over in an unfamiliar place. I know the friends, drinking buddies and companions will come in time, just like the snow.
Yes, today is a mere 60 something degrees! Mother Nature—WTF is going on! We had a huge blizzard the other week and accumulated 5 fresh inches of snow. Now, it’s all gone. Park City is dry like the Sahara Desert. Somehow, PC Ski Resort opened on Thanksgiving Day but I can’t imagine the snow is very good. The only good thing about no snow is that it has given me more time to hike and explore while building up my lungs. Today I did a 7 mile adventure on the trails behind where I live. My legs were dead by the time I got back but I know that every mile is helping to build my muscles up for ski season. Aside from that, something about that mountain air filling up your lungs is pretty hard to beat—my favorite kind of high. 
Being so far from home, away from everything that’s familiar, I have really started to appreciate the little things. I set my alarm every night to wake up before the sun rises so I can make a hot cup of coffee and be ready to see what brilliant colors the Utah sky decides to wake up with that day. Same goes for sunsets, as I am not always home to catch them, but I look forward to watching the sun set every chance I get (sometimes with a glass of red wine). I already have quite the collection of pictures of the beautiful sunrise and sunsets that Utah displays—although the pictures don’t do the colors justice. Aside from the sky, I also appreciate phone calls and conversations with my family more now than I ever have. Hearing their voices brings a sort of peace and calmness to me (in a non-corny way). 

Keep on keepin’ on—
XX, Laura 

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