Monday, October 29, 2018

getting back on track

Monday morning rolls around and you’re quickly feeling like you got off track with your goals over the weekend, last week or maybe even this month. Maybe you got off track with your diet, your fitness regime, spent more money than you had intended to, didn’t sleep well, or maybe didn’t get much accomplished…

I’m here to remind you that that is okay. 

That’s the beautiful thing about Monday’s—they always offer a fresh start. 

So how do you get yourself out of that funky feeling of getting off track? Here’s what usually works for me:

Forgive Yourself
This is probably the most important part in getting you headed back in the right direction—getting back in the right mindset. Don’t beat yourself up over what went wrong, what you did or didn’t do, how much you feel like you “messed up.” We are all human—it happens!! What happened yesterday no longer matters. Forgive yourself and move on from it. 

Set Your Intentions 
When it comes to getting back on track, I think it’s important to clarify why you want to get back on track. What is your why? What is it that you want from the week ahead? How do you want to feel by the time Friday rolls around? What worked for you last week that didn’t work for you this week? What goals do you want to accomplish? Set your intentions for the week ahead and it will help to get your wheels spinning again. 

Start Now 
Whatever it is you want, don’t wait until tomorrow to start. Start right now despite your mood, despite your feelings, despite where you’re at—just start. If you fell off the wagon, just jump back on again! 

You Are Who You Choose To Be 
You choose the life you want for yourself. You choose how you want to feel. You choose your decisions. Be the CEO of your life and make the tough decisions and do what needs to be done to get back on track—deep down, we always know what to do. 

Happy Monday and Happy Fresh Start! Go get ‘em tiger. You can do it! 

Keep on keepin’ on—
XX, Laura 

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