Tuesday, September 29, 2020

jessie james decker’s skinny margs

I am one of those crazy, all your friends ask you why, tequila loving gals. If I’m not drinking wine, I’m drinking tequila. Tequila, club, with a lime is my usual go-to. But I love it neat, on the rocks, in a margarita…you name it, I’ll drink it. Tequila is my jam. 

Jessie James Decker has been an idol to my sister and I for years. Not only is she absolutely stunning, but she’s a country singer and clothing boutique owner (Kittenish). She is also a former reality tv star, married to one of the hottest retired NFL players in the game (Eric Decker), and a mother of 3. She is a chocolate chip cookie loving, down-to-earth, “I am who I am” kind of woman—someone worth looking up to. 

She recently released her first cookbook, “Just Feed Me,” filled with simple, delicious recipes that she makes at home with her family. I believe the book is now an Amazon #1 bestseller. Pretty cool.

Anyway, let’s get to her skinny margs— SO good and SO up my alley! In her book, she said these were inspired by a trip to Cabo with her hub. The recipe is simple, made with no bullsh*t ingredients, and just really good. 

The recipe says it makes 4 drinks, but if you’re anything like me, this would be enough for 2 (wink). 

Jessie James Decker’s Skinny Margs 

(from her book Just Feed Me) 

Coarse Salt, for the rims (optional) 


1/2 cup tequila 

Juice of 2 limes 

1 to 2 teaspoons agave 

Per her book, 

If desired, rim 4 pretty glasses with salt. In an ice-filled cocktail shaker, combine the tequila, lime juice, and agave and shake it up. Fill the glasses with ice and strain the margaritas into them. Add the squeezed lime to the glass for presentation and that extra “twist.” 

It’s never a bad day when you’re making margaritas to taste test and post on the blog. Will definitely be making and enjoying this simple recipe for my friends and family. 

You can find Jessie’s book on Amazon here.

Cheers, friends! 

Keep on keepin’ on—

XX, Laura

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